Suggestion Box

Inspriation can come at any time, but sometimes even the best ideas can be overlooked or forgotten. That is why we at 18 hope Street have introduced a suggestion box!

This box will be checked everyday by the manager, and suggestions can be made by both residents and staff.

Nobodies memory is perfect, and sometimes when ideas are passed on verbally they can be misheard or just forgotten. Writing it down helps a lot! And having an obvious place to put suggestions (and an obvious place for the manager to check) makes the lines of communication that much clearer.

Having a suggestion box also sends a clear message to both your service users as well as staff that you value their input and that they have control over their care / working environment. It can be a very empowering thing… Once people see that their suggestions are being acted upon.

Why not take a look at some of the ideas we have had and how we have addressed them:

Grotty bathroom

“Bathroom downstairs looks grotty. Can you do something about it.”