Our Way of Thinking

Developing a more intelligent approach to working with mental illness


Maintaining the high standards at 18 Hope Street in the current economic landscape has been quite a challenge, but it is one that we have met head on. Working hands-on with our staff to support our service users whilst at the same time meeting with commissioners, a range of health professionals as well as universities and their students, has given us a unique perspective on the current state of health and social care. Balancing the needs of our service users with budget restrictions as well as new legislation and standards is a dilemma we face along with all those working with people with mental illnesses. In answer to this dilemma, we have had to come up with new ways of thinking in order to develop a more intelligent approach to delivering care.

The purpose of Hope Street Thinking is to share that approach with other professionals, starting with this website. We are not trying to give you a set of hard and fast rules to follow, nor do we expect to change how care and support is delivered overnight, we just want to get you Thinking.

Here are some things we hope you find useful