Staff update – 23rd May 2016

This week’s update continues to discuss self care and focuses on how we can assist our residents in this area. There is a useful article from NHS Choices that goes into detail on this subject and gives advice on how best to offer care with dignity and respect.

The care certificate

This article will help you meet the criteria for standard 7 PRIVACY AND DIGNITY.

Using the Internet for Help

The article itself can be found at
This is a very useful website full of useful information so be sure to put it in your favourites.


Michael’s Weekly Quiz

Last week Michael decided he would put his general knowledge and one-liners to good use and host a quiz for the other residents! Although they were all reluctant at first, it didn’t take long for our very own Bob Monkhouse to win them over, and by the end everyone was joining in! It was a great successful, a fun activity for those who joined in and a great boost to Michaels confidence, everyone is looking forward to the next one!


Christmas 2015

Whilst going through our photos, I found this on from Christmas 2015 of our residents and Francesca enjoying the festive session. A big thank you to Fran who help make this Christmas a very special one for everyone at 18 Hope street, can’t wait for this year!


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