New Resident Bathroom

The bathroom on our top floor has been looking rather run down, and was equipped with a bath and no shower.  While some of the people who live at Castlerea like to have a bath, more now prefer a shower. So we have asked our bathroom fitter to replace the bathroom suite but also to install a new shower cubicle so folk can have a choice of bath, or shower.

Getting the old bath out really showed how much it needed replacing, and we will have lovely new tiling and flooring. Much is known about the positive effect on mental health of being in an attractive environment. 

While the work was being done installing the new suite, we have gone about choosing the wallpaper.  Three different patterns were selected from B and Q, and everyone was asked to choice which one they liked best.  It is really great that everyone has been keen to be involved in this choice.  Everyone had a preference, no one said “just choose any”.  After the first round of voting, one paper had only two votes and it was almost neck and neck between the two remaining choices.  These are very different, one pink and gold, and the other blue/green. The two people who had voted for the paper eliminated were given a second vote from the remaining contenders – and the results were even closer. With three people still to vote the score was 8 to 7. With the prospect of tied result, a third round of voting would be held and the 5 people who use the upstairs bathroom would have their vote counted double.

The three final votes brought it to 9 to 9, and the five people who will be using that bathroom had their votes doubled and the final score is 13 votes for number 1 the pink and gold paper, and 10 votes for number 2 the blue/green one. Another way of analysing the voting was to take the votes from staff out, and just count  those of the 10 residents and the score is similar 6 votes for number 1 and 4 votes for number 3.

The lovely new bathroom on the top floor!