macmillan-coffee-morningIn 2013 Residents were first interested in fund raising for MacMillan Cancer when they saw advertisements for the big Coffee Morning National fundraising exercise on television. They discussed the merits of various charities, and felt they would like to do something for MacMillan because everyone is touched or affected by cancer.

We talked about what would be involved in putting on a coffee morning and applied for a fund raising kit from the charity. They made it every easy with invitations, and suggestions for how to raise money.

We decided when we would do, and who we would invite. It was a good opportunity to meet up with former resident, former members of staff and John and Sally Harte who established Castlerea over 20 years ago.

All but two of the residents got involved, we baked lots of cake ably assisted by one of the residents. On the day the event was well attended and we were bowled over to raise £250. We were also really pleased by how enjoyable the event was. The Tombola was expertly manned by one of the residents and attracted a lot of interest.

Residents were pleased to follow the national success of this event and to see that our contribution added to £20,000,000 made nationally.

At the close of the event one of the residents asked if we could do it every year because it is such a good cause.

In 2014, we were very happy to have another coffee morning. This time our fund raising was supplemented by a member of staff doing a sponsored slim. We are delighted that this year we raised £300 beating our achievement of last year. We are looking forward to hearing the national total for this event. This has set us a high target to beat in future years.

Christmas 2014, Catherine our Art Tutor held an auction of residents work, and spoke to the residents about what to do with the funds raised. They are very clear that MacMillan is our chosen charity and the proceeds from that day also went to MacMillan.

We have continued to have coffee mornings on an annual basis and in 2015 made £187.25, And this year a further £152.43p so well done everyone.

What do we gain from supporting MacMillan:

  • Our residents get a great deal of pleasure from the events themselves. The planning, baking and hosting of the events.
  • They get an opportunity to connect with friends, family, and former members of staff and residents maintaining important relationships.
  • They get satisfaction from doing something for others, as recipients of care it is particularly important for them to feel they are giving something back.
  • They are connected to the wider community by participating in a nationwide exercise and being able to follow this on television.