A Healthy Start to the Day.

Breakfast at 18 Hope Street was a very casual affair, with all the residents starting the day individually. Some would have toast, some cereal, some had the same thing every day, some liked a change now and again, and all at separate times. Although this system gave the residents control over how, when and what they had for breakfast, it meant not many of them regularly started the day with a balanced meal. We thought it was maybe time for a change, but before we put anything in place we all got together to decide whether more routine would be a benefit to the residents.

To do this we did the exercise Thinking about Form and Function.

Here are what we thought:-


  • It is accepted that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • It will avoid snacking, which is a problem with some residents who graze and do not have the healthy meals provided.
  • Some of the medication taken by residents should be taken with food.
  • It will improve relationships and social interaction if the residents eat together.
  • It will help create a better routine, and put structure in the day which might help those who do not sleep well.
  • It might motivate those who do not get up until very late to get up and have breakfast.
  • It will ensure they have a healthier diet.


  • The breakfast should be served in the style of a hotel or B&B to make the experience attractive to the residents and encourage them to join in.
  • Breakfast will be served at 8.30 in the lounge. Night staff will set the table and get the breakfast ready, and when day staff arrive at 8.30 they will take over.
  • Residents will be encouraged to have fruit juice or fresh fruit. Cereal or porridge and toast will be available every day as well as additional items. To be listed on the task sheet and recorded.
  • It was agreed we need new clear glasses for juice to differentiate from those used with medication (coloured beakers). We also need serving bowls for the fruit. (These have since been purchased.)

Putting them together

The first week of having breakfast together has been a great success, and has been enjoyed by all the residents and the staff have all out done themselves to provide a healthy start to the residents day.


Thank you to Charlene for starting the breakfasts off in style!

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