Getting our sleeves rolled up


We all love freshly baked bread and at 18 Hope Street we are no different, but we are also partial to the occasional cake, pie or pasty. There is never more than a few days go by without someone rolling up their sleeves and whipping up some baked treats for tea, or breakfast, or supper. The residents find recipes in magazines, TV or by searching the internet; we work out when it best fits in the week’s menu and off we go, and we have no shortage of volunteers when it comes to helping in the kitchen.

As well as providing mouth-watering snacks and allowing the staff and residents a chance to practice their skills, it has also been a great way for them to start a conversation. Some of the residents haven’t baked in years but once they started mixing the flour in with the butter, the memories came flooding back. And not just about baking, but about the people they were with when they last baked, where they were living, what they were doing at that point in their life; things they might not have otherwise remembered.

With Cornish pasties that are this good, why bother with the supermarket’s cheap imitations?