18 Hope Street


Suggestion Box

At 18 Hope Street our staff and residents are full of ideas about how we can improve our service. Which is why we have introduced a Suggestion Box. We decided it would be fun to share some of these ideas with you.

Castlerea House


18 Hope Street is the address of Castlerea House, a residential care home for adults with mental illnesses located in Salford. Opened in 1990 by John Harte, it has provided a safe and happy home for all its residents throughout the years thanks to John and his dedicated and hardworking staff team. The people living at Castlerea House are treated with compassion and dignity, and every effort goes into providing a welcoming, therapeutic atmosphere.

In 2011, after John Harte retired, Castlerea House was taken over by Juniper Manton Limited, a local family-run company specialising in health and social care consultancy. The new manager, Linda and her son James were determined to maintain the high standards that had been set at Castlerea House and use their combined experience of over 50 years in the health and social care sector to make Castlerea House an example to other residential care homes.

Now when you visit 18 Hope Street you will still find that friendly, welcoming atmosphere and happy residents, but you will also find an emphasis on recovery work, varied and engaging activities and that same dedicated staff team now buzzing with new ideas. The residents get involved with the running of the house as much as they can from planning the menu to planning the next day trip, not to mention their more ambitious projects like growing their own vegetables. The walls are filled with the residents’ glorious art work thanks to our amazing art therapist Catherine, without whom Sundays at 18 Hope Street just wouldn’t be the same. And you have to try some of Freda’s fabulous carrot cake!

So take a look around and see what’s going on at 18 Hope Street.

What’s On at 18 Hope Street?